LV 200: silver polisher

Shiny silverware and cutlery is essential for the hospitality and catering industry but it can take a long time and a lot of effort. That's where a Hyppocampus polisher becomes essential.

The objects to be treated are placed in a vibrating tank, full of corn granulate. The duration of the treatment depends on the item's condition: polishing a well maintained item will only require a few minutes, while restoring the shine to badly tarnished silverware could take a few hours.    

Just check the items visually and take them out once they are satisfactorily polished.

LV 200 is a highly professional polishing machine that takes up a compact space, yet can easily polish silverware of various dimensions: jugs, soup tureens, trophies, pitchers, trays, etc., anything up to 30 cm in diametre. LV 200 is especially indicated for chiseled silverware as the fine granulate can easily reach any difficult space or crevice, usually impossibile to clean by hand. A polishing agent can be added to the granulate to speed up the process.  

Silverware will be as shiny as new again! 

L.V.200: lucidatore per argento

Technical data:

Capacity/h  variable - depending on the item(s) to be polished
Volt - Hz - Wattage 220 - 50 - 170
Dimensions LxWxH cm 46 x 55 x 74
Net weight kgs 70
Loading manual
Standard features stainless steel tank 
Extras  heating element for drying cycle
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