Rapid wine cooler


Cooling wine fast in a practical and safe way.

Enofreez and Frizet can rapidly chill your bottles without the need to stock up the fridge with all the lables on your wine list.   

Wine can be served from the cellar to the table, at the correct temperature, a few minutes after the client has ordered it. 

You can store all your wine bottles in the cellar or anywhere else. When somebody orders a bottle of wine, they can be immediatly chilled at the appropriate serving temperature. The wine chiller employes forced air (no cooling liquids) and can lower the temperature up to 2°C per minute*.

Ventilation is controlled by a digital panel where the user can select the duration.


EnoFreez: -2°C per minute Frizet: -1°C per minute

Technical data:

Cooling  -2°C per minute
-1°C per minute
V - Hz - W 220 - 50 - 1200
220 - 50 - 690
Dimensions LxDxH cm 45 x 80 x 95
58 x 61 x 40
Container LxDxH cm 23 x 33 x 33 16 x 33 x 23
Net weight kgs 84 45
Bottle capacity (0,75l)
4 / 5
Magnum bottles 1 NO


Cooling times


From 20°C
(cellar) to serving temperature employing EnoFreez by Hyppocampus*


serving temperature

Red wine

16 - 17°C

90 sec

Aged red wine

15 - 16°C

2 min

Aged white wine - dry 

14 - 16°C

2 min

Aged red wine - light and fruity 

11 - 12°C

4 min

Rosé wine - new wine 

10 - 12°C

4 min

Barrique wine - red and white 

10 - 12°C

4 min

White wine

8 – 10°C

5 min

Dry white wine 

7 - 8°C

6 min

Dessert wine - spumante 


7 min

 * Performance obtainable thanks to the correct employment of the machine: standard Bordeaux wine bottle (0,75l), wine with alcohol content 13-14% max, machine appropriately pre-chilled, environment conditions suitable for a compressor (ie. temperature not higher than 43°C), no overfilling.     


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