Polentera: polenta machine



Water, corn flour and salt: it's that simple!


Simplicity was indeed our goal while planning the Polentera, in 2003. A new, innovative system to cook polenta and serve it hot and of the right consistency at any time. A winning idea entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Hyppocampus. 


Accompagna la tua polenta con contorni gustosi e saporiti, come lo spiedo bresciano! Polenta sempra calda e disponibile! Polenta alla spina, sempre calda e disponibile Set completo: Polentera, carrello, portapiatto Portapiatto da applicare al carrello Semplice e facile. Ottieni la tua polenta con pochi facili gesti!

Polentera was invented thinking about the needs of food trucks, market stalls, restaurants, fast food shops and canteens.

It is perfect to widen the food offer without much effort. Fitted with a practical dispenser, Polentera can be used with any type of flour to create ever-changing alternatives.

With Polentera you can effortlessly obtain the same result achieved by cooking polenta in the laborious traditional way.

Polentera is available in seven models, either with a multi-lingual electronic control panel (available in English, French and German) or with manual control.  

Polentera is entirely made of stainless steel and is extremely easy to disassemble and clean.


Technical data: 

P.15 Super
P.30 P.60 P.100 P.150
Polenta (kgs)
7 15 22 30 60 100 150
V - Hz - W 220 - 50 - 1100
220 - 50 - 1800
220 - 50 - 1800
220 - 50 - 3200 380 - 50 - 3300 380 - 50 - 5000 380 - 50 - 5000
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 21x65x59 25x70x66 25x87x66
25x95x66 35x95x90 35x130x93 45x130x93
Unit weight (kgs) 25 29 38 50 60 115 125
Standard features Manual control
Extras Electronic control  - - -
Electronic panel, wheeled table, plate holder 


   Polenta alla spina dal 2003

Polentera logo

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